30 before thirty

Yesterday I turned 29. Entering into the final year of the twenties is a bit of a moment. An era is closing, and I might still have 12 months to go, but we all know that’ll be gone before I can say TEQUILA! Yes, this is how I’m feeling…as I sit, sipping a glass of red wine (the for-one type you get from M&S where it comes in a glass with a foil lid), watching MasterChef, eating (delicious!) chocolate pralines.

And the thing is, I don’t fear my thirties. At least not yet. I feel like I might suit my thirties. But it doesn’t detract from the terror that is waving goodbye to the glorious twenties. And I enter the final year of my twenties still very much enjoying the twenties life. I’m single, I work hard but I absolutely make the most of my playtime too. I take every day as it comes, and say yes to everything I want to say yes to. It’s why my attempts at cooking for the week always end with something rotting in the fridge (…and I do feel suitably guilty, I assure you. It’s why I’ve stopped trying.), because somewhere along the line, someone will ask me to do something unexpected, and I will say yes.

But I only have 12 more months of using the “but I’m in my twenties!” excuse. So I feel like this next year had better be not just making the most of the excuse, but also preparing for life without it.

Enter the list that has inspired this new blog (the fifth…sixth attempt at a blog?). Thirty things to do before I hit the big 3-0. Some will take some serious effort, some less. Some will mean facing my biggest fears, some my favourite delights. When I was a child I was pretty sure I’d be a mum at 26. I’m about to enter my thirties as a single woman (of 6 years!), living in a shared house that just about meets the standards of a student (let’s say third year). And I love my life. But I want to make this final year of my twenties the best yet. So here it goes…


1. Complete the first draft of my novel

2. Clear my overdraft

3. Visit a new country

4. Climb a new mountain

5. Read a book in a foreign language

6. Row on the Thames

7. Have a piece of writing published

8. Make a speech

9. Cook a roast dinner FOR MY FAMILY!

10. Go to the Sky Garden

11. Go speed-dating

12. Learn a dance

13. Get rid of my junk (in more ways than one…)

14. Enter a sportive

15. Watch the sun rise & set

16. Go sailing

17. Bake bread

18. Zorb

19. Join a running club

20. Attend an England test match

21. Sleep under the stars

22. Break a record

23. Have a girls holiday in Ibiza

24. Enter a multi-discipline race

25. Eat in a Michelin-starred restaurant

26. Volunteer

27. Go to the opera

28. Host a dinner party

29. Stand on a surf board

30. Take part in a charity challenge

The list is made up of suggestions from those that know me best and things that I’ve been dreaming of for years. It’s not my lifelong bucket list, but it is only 1 year of my life.

I plan for all of my 30 to be supplemented with plenty of other adventures along the way, and I will be documenting them all on this here blog.

Join me if you will.


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