2 weeks in…

So two weeks ago, I turned 29 and pledged to do 30 (specific) things before my thirtieth birthday next year. No ticks on the list so far, but I’ve made some progress and had a great couple of weeks!

Birthday celebrations kicked off the year, with a night out with two of my favourite girlfriends. We drank and laughed and danced and danced until the early hours. The night started at a really cool little place in Clapham, called Venn Street Records. It was my second time there, and they raised the bar this time with their live music. I’m a big ska fan, and we were lucky enough to walk in on the night the London Ska Orchestra were playing, and it was amazing. They played ska covers of modern hits that had everyone moving.

The night continued elsewhere with 90’s pop, sing-along classics and…

Need I say more.

The big night out was followed by a lovely day with the family. We’re a football family so a visit to Craven Cottage to watch the mighty Fulham FC was followed by a lovely dinner at a family favourite, Vapianos. Vapianos suits us down to a tee. It’s the perfect place for family gatherings. It’s so relaxed and easy. They have great long tables that everyone can seat-swap around. The food is lovely and everyone can just have whatever suits them. Paying is great because you each get your own card to load your buys on. And when the choices are between an Aperol Spritz and a red wine or a thin, crispy pizza and a bowl of pasta, who’s complaining. The antipasti is also just delicious.

Speaking of carbs…I got myself a birthday present to help with one part of the “get rid of my junk” challenge. Enter the balance wobble board:

I recently got a pop-up standing desk for work from a company called deskmate. It’s basically a pop-up box with a level for your screen and a level for your keyboard that you stand on top of your desk. I am absolutely loving it and I’ve got another 6 people in the office with them now! Anyway, to compliment my new standing desk, a colleague joked that I should get a balance board to go with it. He should have known, or maybe he did know, that if you suggest that kind of thing to me, I’m gonna do it. And actually, I haven’t looked back. I’m standing all day at my desk and I pop on and off the balance board throughout the day for some extra help with my posture. I recently read a great article on standing at work that argued convincingly (enough for me), that it’s a real calorie burner too – hence getting rid of some junk! I’m yet to see results on that front, although I remain hopeful, but I have felt a real boost in my productivity and I’m looking forward to reaping more of the benefits the article suggests are coming my way!

The weekend just passed was a chilled weekend visiting my parents and sister. We had football again on the Sunday – a great trip up to Sheffield! – but apart from that I just relaxed, was fed delicious food (as always), and had cuddles with this absolute beaut of a thing:

Finally, this week, I took a pretty big step towards one of my goals and I BOOKED MY TICKET TO IBIZA! So great to know that one’s a half-tick. I’m not going until September, so it’s a while before I can fully tick it off but I’m super excited and looking forward to hotel/airbnb searching with the girls soon!

More updates to come…



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